Welcome to ‘Ishrab Zanjabeel Al-Ajeeb,’

Where each sip and bite reveal a unique tale. Since our journey began in July 2019, we’ve crafted an extraordinary café experience, offering exceptional coffee, exquisite teas, and delectable desserts with health conscious, top-tier ingredients. Step inside and embark on a sensory journey infused with ginger, lemon, turmeric, honey, and more, reinvigorating your passion for culinary artistry.

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At ‘Ishrab Zanjabeel Al Ajeeb,’ we’re more than just a cafe; we’re a realm of extraordinary experiences meticulously crafted into every sip and bite. Our essence is rooted in an unwavering passion for the artistry of beverages and desserts, an unyielding commitment to uncompromising quality, and a profound respect for nature’s bounty. Each ingredient in our offerings, whether it’s the rich coffee beans, the flavorful teas, or the superfood-infused delights, has its own unique story to tell. It’s these stories that come together to create culinary and beverage masterpieces, waiting to be savored by individuals who share our zest for life’s simple, yet remarkable pleasures.


In the heart of Amman, a bustling city of dreams and diversity, there’s a place where the ordinary becomes extraordinary. It’s more than just a cafe; it’s a vibrant hub where kindred spirits converge. We’ve always believed that the deepest connections are often forged over a shared cup of coffee. Our dedication lies in crafting an atmosphere where conversations flow as effortlessly as our finely brewed coffees. Here, you’re not just a guest; you’re a part of a living, breathing coffee community. We invite you to experience the unique essence of our cafe, nestled within Amman’s vibrant heart. It’s a place where every visit offers more than just coffee; it’s an opportunity to engage, share, and savor the simple joys of life in the company of like-minded souls


    Wasfi Al Tal Street
    Amman Jordan


    Phone: +962 06 5 33 8033